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For more than 40 years, Kraloy has been a pioneer in the field of PVC conduit fittings. As the first UL approved manufacturer of PVC fittings, Kraloy's rich history allows us to be an industry leader today.

Kraloy offers a comprehensive offering of PVC nonmetallic conduit fittings. Kraloy conduit fitting products include adapters, couplings, elbows, access fittings, boxes, cover plates, expansion fittings and conduit spacers - virtually any fitting required to complete the PVC conduit system. 

Easy installations, the ability to perform in demanding environments and labor savings are the reasons nonmetallic conduit fittings are increasingly the fitting of choice. Kraloy PVC conduit fittings offer both high impact and tensile strength, are nonconductive and are resistant to a wide range of chemicals such as acids, alkalis and salt solutions. 

Ideal for use in residential, commercial or industrial construction some examples of Kraloy PVC conduit fittings applications include:

• Water and sewage treatment plants
• Residential dwellings
• Car washes
• Food processing plants
• Street and highway lighting
• Marinas
• Airports
• Pulp and paper mills
• Virtually any electrical and/or communications raceway system
Elbows & Sweeps

A Kraloy Elbows and Sweeps are lightweight and offer excellent chemical resistance with high tensile and impact strength.

EPR Repair Kit
These clever and innovative conduit repair kits from IPEX is the first total repair system for broken and damaged PVC conduit and duct. They offer fast and easy repairs for damaged conduit caused by earth excavation, horizontal and core drilling!
Kraloy JBox
Introducing the NEW Kraloy® JBox™, the next generation junction box.  We’ve completely redesigned the original junction box and added features to save you time and money during installation – no matter the situation.  The integral gasket, non-metallic fasteners & molded mounting feet have been engineered to provide a contractor-friendly junction box.
F-Series Boxes & Covers

Kraloy's complete range of boxes and covers makes it easy to locate power and control precisely where you want it.

Octagonal Boxes
Kraloy Octagonal Boxes are constructed from high impact, noncorroding and nonconducting PVC.
Floor Boxes & Covers
Installation is quick and simple with Kraloy's non metallic floor box and covers, saving both time and money over similar metallic assemblies.
Expansion Fittings

Kraloy Expansion Fttings accommodate for conduit thermal expansion and contraction.

Couplings, Terminal Adapters & Female Adapters
Kraloy's Couplings, Terminal Adapters & Female Adapters retain their original properties after years of exposure to heat and weather.
Service Entrance Fittings
Kraloy Service Entrance Fittings are suitable for both overhead and underground service laterals.
Junction Boxes

Kraloy Junction Boxes are supplied with threaded brass inserts, screws and gasketing.

Conduit Clamps and Straps

Kraloy's conduit clamps are designed for use with PVC conduit and provide installation flexibility, strength and lasting reliability.


Access Fittings & Pull Elbows

No other manufacturer offers such an extensive range of access fitting sizes (1/2" to 4") or hub configurations (LB, T, LL, LR, TB, C, E). CSA certified and UL listed, Kraloy access fittings come fully factory assembled so parts cannot be misplaced during shipping and handling.

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