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We designed Kwikon Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing (ENT), fittings, slab boxes and accessories with two goals. Firstly, we set out to create an integrated ENT system tough enough to meet the rugged day-to-day challenges of the construction industry. More importantly, we wanted to make a system that saves time and money on the job site. People who work with it daily insist we got it right on both counts.

The best alternative to heavy and labor-intensive 10 ft. lengths of metal conduit, Kwikon was made for fast, easy installation, saving valuable man-hours on any construction site. As the toughest non-corroding, non-conducting ENT system on the long run.

Saving contractors time, money and worry, Kwikon is an intergrated ENT system that makes sure the job get done right.

Ideal for residential, commercial and institutional construction some examples of Kwikon ENT & Fittings applications include:

•Residential (Low or High Rise)
•Commercial (Low or High rise)
•Institutional (Prisons, Schools, Universities)
•Hospitals and Nursing Homes (only in nonpatient care areas)
•Stadiums and Arenas


Kwikon ENT Tubing
Light and flexible, Kwikon ENT Tubing comes with color-coded stripes for easy cable identification.
Kwikon Fittings
Kwikon offers the industry's most complete line of ENT fittings for all ENT sizes and transition needs.
Form Stubbies

Ease and convenience were a priority in the design of Kwikon ENT form stubbies. Contractors use our stubbies to create conduit stub-downs in concrete without needing to drill holes in the plywood form, and they protect against breakage when the forms are removed.

ENT Support Unit (ESU)
Easy to use, the ESU snaps around any size of ENT from 1/2" to 2". It is perfect for use in high rise buildings constructed with post-tensioned (PT) concrete slabs.
Slab Boxes
Kwikon's Slab Boxes are ideal for parkade, apartment and office building construction.
Wall Boxes

Fully assembled wall boxes that save valuable jobsite time and labor.

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