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No Cementing or Lubrication Required
SceptaCon’s slide-in locking system and pre-installed, pre-lubricated gaskets allow contractors to create a water-tight seal by hand in seconds - in all temperatures without having to worry about solvents or chemicals freezing or drying too quickly.

Outperforms other PVC Products
SceptaCon’s spline-lock snaps into place in a recessed opening, ensuring the spline won’t get snagged during pull-through. SceptaCon’s rounded bell shoulders slide easily past roots, rocks and other debris in the borehole, ensuring a smooth, easy installation.

The SceptaCon Joint
SceptaCon needs no special equipment or training like polyethylene fusion. The best part of all is it joins quickly, creating a water-tight seal literally in seconds. In addition, SceptaCon can be assembled one pipe length at a time, then pulled underground, eliminating the need for long strings of pipe on the job.

NEW!  SceptaCon is now available in a 2" (53 mm) size.  As the only approved, boreable PVC electrical raceway available in a 2” (53 mm) size, SceptaCon is ideally suited for street lighting and traffic signal cables where installation requires a smaller diameter pipe than your typical electrical raceway.  Now contractors can install RW cables instead of the more expensive TECK cables.

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