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These clever and innovative conduit repair kits from IPEX is the first total repair system for broken and damaged PVC conduit and duct. They offer fast and easy repairs for damaged conduit caused by earth excavation, horizontal and core drilling.

With its unique interlocking joints, EPR Kits two half shell bell by bell pieces simply close around the installed wire and cable. Using standard PVC solvent cement, EPR Kits are quickly and easily assembled and connected, restoring the conduit to its original form.

Capable of repairing various lengths and types of conduit, EPR Kits are available in 1 1/4" to 6" sizes and made of high-impact, non-conductive PVC for a life-long quality repair.


  • Restores structural integrity of the conduit system
  • Cost savings with fast and easy installation
  • Compatibility - inside diameter of bell equals outside diameter of pipe to create a bell and spigot connection
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